Highlights from Research Project PLAY

My research project PLAY has had its final review meeting on Tuesday, November 26th, 2013.

Notable highlights from the project are:

  • Use of open Web Standards for event modelling, pattern modelling, access control for real-time/streaming data
  • Integrated Prototype (delivering a runnable architecture with all Open Source components)
  • Contribution to Open Source community, e.g. continued maintenance of RDF2Go, MultiActive objects for ProActive

Benefits PLAY can provide as a semantics-based event-driven platform for a use case of nuclear crisis management:

  • Eliminating superfluous, inaccurate or irrelevant information
  • Automating some analysis or actions based on predefined business rules
  • Reducing the time of information transmission between devices, stakeholders and decision makers
  • Increasing the reliability of knowledge (exhaustiveness)
  • Improving the agility capability of the crisis stakeholders

Benefits and opportunity PLAY can provide as an Event-driven Architecture and elastic platform to ORANGE Telecom:

  • QoS problems experienced by customers of LiveBox Pro can be detected in real-time
  • Improvement of knowledge about customer experience, reduction of after-sales costs with residential customers of 2G/3G data mobile services
  • Ability to to compare/challenge other Open Source platforms with PLAY such as Storm/kafka  + Hadoop/Hbase and commercial middleware products


  1. Opher Etzion (who is reviewer of PLAY together with Silvia Vecchi) blogged about PLAY:
  2. Project reports and published papers are here: PLAY publications